Aitech Products

Founded in 1983, Aitech is a leader in the development of advanced computing solutions for rugged systems. As a pioneer in the industry, Aitech has developed industry-leading COTS products and capabilities for military, aerospace and industrial applications. Aitech’s wide range of products includes SBCs, GPGPUs, video and graphics boards, Ethernet switches, I/O boards, memory boards, communication boards, carrier cards and transition modules, rugged enclosures, power supplies, and integrated systems.

General-Purpose Graphic Processing Units (GPGPU)

General-Purpose Graphic Processing Units (GPGPU)

Form factor: 3U VPX, SFF, Development System
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Single Board Computers (SBCs)

Single Board Computers (SBCs)

Form factor: 3U VPX, 3U cPCI, 6U VPX, 6U VME
Processor: Intel, PowerPC
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Carrier Cards

Form factor: 3U VPX PMC/XMC, 3U cPCI PMC
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I/O Boards

Form factor: PMC, XMC, 6U VME
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Integrated Systems

Form factor: 3U VPX, 6U VME, SFF
Processor: Intel, PowerPC, ARM
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