E/O Sensor Technology

U&U EO Business Group is one of the few domestic companies specializing in infrared IR Imager (SWIR, MWIR, LWIR), Laser Range Finder (LRF) and Designator module design, R&D, production, maintenance, Electro-Optic stability platform with image tracking system integration (EO Stabilized Surveillance & Tracking System).

Provide customers with professional services as follows:

  1. Provide customer Electro-Optic products, system solutions and required planning.
  2. Provide Electro-Optic related system engineering, system integration and testing.
  3. Provide IR Imager module manufacturing and testing services
  4. Provide LRF & Designator module manufacturing and testing services
  5. Provide customer product warranty and logistic support
  6. Provide related technology transfer, education and training

Contact person
Name: Nyssa Lin
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 03-4116025 (+886-3-4116025) EXT 224

Laser Range Finder

Laser Range Finder

Our laser range finders are suitable for applications including electro-optical fire control systems, target acquisition and tracking, forward observation, coast guard surveillance, and homeland and border security.


Short Wave Infrared Cameras

The InGaAs short wave infrared camera is manufactured through 100% in-country development, uses InGaAs FPA detection module, and composes of imaging circuit and image processing module. Applications include semiconductor wafer inspection, solar cell inspection, machine vision, laser beam profiling, camouflage detection, agricultural product screening, aircraft de-icing inspection, near infrared imaging and imaging spectrometer.

影像電路模組(Proxy Board)系列

Proxy Board

The image circuit board (proxy board) has a 14-bit digital output, auto gain control (AGC), bad pixel replacement (BPR) and non-uniform correction (NUC) functions. Custom design is available for various infrared systems.

Thermal Imagers

We offer various cooled and uncooled thermal imaging cameras to meet diverse market demands. Uncooled thermal imaging camera enables applications from Industrial inspection, temperature measurement, unmanned aerial systems, and autonomous vehicle. Cooled thermal imaging camera enables applications from Border Surveillance systems, Missile guidance and tracking, Space, and astronomy. We also provide customized system integration services.