FMCW Technology

U&U Engineering Inc microwave business group is a RD and production unit specialized in microwave radar sensor in Taiwan. Staffs are very skilled in radar sensor design, we are very rare radar professional provider from sensor design, production to after service, we are a packaged company of production-supply-marketing services. Compared with radar, lens, infrared and laser, radar sensor is less affected by light pollution and weather condition. To monitoring or data collection purpose, radar sensor is best choice of outdoor detection.

U&U radar sensor could be divided into two technical applications.

  1. LFMCW (Linear-Frequency-Modulated Continuous-Wave) applications.
  2. CW (Continuous-Wave) applications.

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LFMCW (Linear-Frequency-Modulated Continuous-Wave) applications

Adopting FMCW transmitter and receiver, it can measure distance information precisely. In order to enhance the data collection capacity, it can be aligned with speed dome network camera to connect as smart detection system. FMCW application could be adopted in four living-area.
  1. Traffic category:Applicated in traffic flow sensor and smart signal control.
  2. Security category:Applicated in large area detection such as in Jail, Airport, Military camp, Coastal detection. It could also be used in railroad crossing security and mudslide monitoring.
  3. Hydrology category:Reservoir and river real time information monitoring.
  4. Smart City category:Smart signal control and build in IOT devices.


CW (Continuous-Wave) applications

CW radar technology adopts doppler effect to detect moving objects. CW radar detector can apply to traffic category, security category and hydrology category by motion detection.
  1. Traffic category:Vehicle speed detection and reverse driving detection.
  2. Securities category:Intrusion detection, Long-Range electronical fence, railroad crossing security and mudslide monitoring.
  3. Hydrology category:Measurement the surface velocity of water to prevent flooding.
  4. Smart Connector:Smart signal detector, smart city lamps and smart living control.