Offices & Divisions

Our sales engineers are on hand to answer questions and assist with technical inquiries. Contact us at one of the addresses below to get in touch with a specific U&U office location or product division.

Product Divisions

Microwave Systems:

Electro-Optical Systems:

Office Locations

Taipei Headquarters:
Tel. 886-2-2706-2110
Fax. 886-2-2706-3837

Lungtan Factory:
Tel. 886-3-411-6025
Fax. 886-3-411-6020

Lungtan Science Center:
Fax. 886-3-411-7188

Hualien R&D / Maintenance Center:

Tel. 886-3-823-2310
Fax. 886-3-823-2307

Kaoshiung Office:

Tel. 886-7-555-4360
Fax. 886-7-522-5992