Products and Services

Information system setup and integration.

By utilizing skilled software design abilities and combining them with hardware functionality, we enable our customers to effectively simplify their workflow and improve their operational efficiency within an information-based operational environment. We integrate software, hardware, network services, operating systems, database systems, application systems, and human resource services to provide complete planning, implementation, and maintenance of a comprehensive program for our customers. Our goal is to improve our customers’ operational efficiency by focusing on their needs, developing customized systems to help them improve their information flow, reduce human resource waste, and ultimately enhance overall company effectiveness, thereby creating a win-win situation. We provide comprehensive and integrated system integration information services.

Improve website construction and maintenance

The dedicated technical service department, a team of senior engineers with relevant professional certification and experience in large-scale project construction, integrates the technical support of the original factory, provides technical consultation, design planning, construction, warranty and maintenance services of system integration, and satisfies customers’ overall professional services and Provide information and communication network equipment software and hardware maintenance warranty and repair service, support emergency handling and troubleshooting, periodic maintenance and preventive maintenance.

Provide customers with a systematic overall service, including education and training required for system maintenance, and establish a dedicated corresponding window to meet customer needs, improve service quality and assist the stable operation of the system by means of a dedicated person on site.