Specific Painting Technology

U&U means USEFUL and UNIQUE, and we have three main target of our products:

  1. Solve the problem: We are the Design house

    We provide our customers with advanced unique technologies and services and work it with partners who are academics, governments, and companies in various fields to come up with integrated solutions.

  2. Green technology: For sustainable development

    We invested in technologies including environmentally friendly coatings, green building materials, energy-saving and emission reduction.

    We hope our products and services can make a comfortable and healthy environment and natural sustainable development product.

  3. Create a win-win situation

    We will continue development and growth, in order to providing more low-cost and effective solutions, also still being friendly to the environment, creating a “win-win” situation to our clients and also our earth.

Name: Jason


UU100 Fiber Portland Cement

It has the characteristics of high bending strength, crack resistance, impact resistance, shock absorption, and anti-explosion. Suitable for repair materials or parts that need to resist dynamic loads.


UU200 Geopolymer Cement

Low carbon green cement, low-temperature process, high compressive strength. It is suitable for use as a foundation or compression layer of roadbeds. There are also many applications for environmentally friendly building materials.


UU300 Phosphate Cement

5 minutes ultra-speed hardness repair material, 60 minutes has a certain compressive strength. It is used for temporary rapid repair of rigid pavements or floors and is suitable for use in cold regions.


UU500 Thermal insulation coating

  • 100% all-inorganic composition and zore VOCs.
  • High reflectivity heat insulation in 300 to 1200 nm wave.
  • Heat dissipation by emits the medium and long waves radiation.
  • It’s suitable for the concrete building roof or exterior wall in tropical climate area.
  • After applying it, the benefits are reflecting the heat energy during the day and quickly cooling at night. We had measured the surface will cool down about 10 to 15 ℃ and the room temperature will cool down about 2 to 6 ℃ during the day time of summer in the western plain of Taiwan.


UU600 Waterproof coating

The water-based environmentally friendly latex is mixed with siliceous mineral powder. Applied it with water mix and brush or spray it to the surface of the cement or ceramic. It can penetrate and fill the pores of cement cracks and block the water seepage path.


UU900 Anti-corrosion coating

The water-based and environmentally friendly formula, the way to anti-corrosion is using by the alkaline ingredient, it does not contain chromium and lead, complicity different with traditional anti-rust coatings, this product has low harm to the human body.